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Coffee Growing Community

Through the medium of coffee, we are part of the life-stories of small-scale coffee farmers and their communities in the Sierra Norte de Puebla region of Mexico. We partner with our sister company, Coffee Growing Community - a non-profit organization - to combine free-market economic initiatives with spiritual and social development that helps coffee-farming families and their communities enjoy a more abundant life. To find out more please visit their site: 
Coffee Growing Community

For the first time since the initiative began, Goldberry Roasting Company has been able to import, roast and sell coffee directly from the growers that have partnered with Coffee Growing Community. Watch the video below to learn more about the journey of this coffee! To buy a bag, click here.

To join the mission of Coffee Growing Community and Goldberry Roasting Company, you can give directly to Coffee Growing Community, and/or purchase Goldberry coffee, as we have pledged to give at least 10% of all our profits to Coffee Growing Community.