Limited Release - Mexico Finca El Salto: Honey Carbonic Maceration

  • Product Info

    Region: Sierra Norte

    Varietal: Caturra

    Processing: Honey, Carbonic Maceration

    Grower: Adan Mendez Cruz, Finca La Salto

    This coffee is especially exciting because it comes directly from the farm of Adan Mendez Cruz in Chicontla, Mexico. Adan is the head of the co-op in Chicontla that we work with through our non-profit, Coffee Growing Community. Not only is this coffee unique because of the honey, carbonic maceration process that was used, but Goldberry is also the only place in the US that you can get this micro-lot coffee. 

    The carbonic maceration process is known for bringing out intense flavors in the coffee, and this one is no different. Experience pronounced notes of black raspberry with a fudge-like complimentary flavor coming through underneath it. 

    Carbonic maceration is a method of fermentation that involves placing coffee cherries, this time partially de-pulped, (known as honey), in a barrel and allowing them to sit in a carbon dioxide-rich environment.