When it comes to the important events in your life, like a wedding, bridal shower or baby shower, every detail needs to be perfect, no matter how small. With our custom coffee favors, you will send your guests home with something they'll love, while also reminding them of the memorable time they had celebrating your big day. 


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- Select from 1 of 7 different styles, customized with your names, date and colors of your choosing! 
- Submit your order and we will send you a no obligation invoice so you know exactly how much it will cost.
- Once you've decided you want to move forward with your custom favors, just pay the invoice and confirm a date for delivery.
- We'll print the labels, put them on the bags, add the coffee to bags then ship them to you all ready to go!

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                 Started in 2010 by Doug Cooper, as a hobby in his basement, Goldberry Roasting Company has had the benefit of being able to grow slowly and intentionally over many years. Instead of focusing on sales, the early years of our company were focused on perfecting our craft, developing meaningful relationships and earning trust in the quality of our brand. Since our inception, we have started, and continue to be a key partner of, a non-profit called Coffee Growing Community. The mission of our non-profit is to enhance the quality of life for struggling coffee growers in Mexico. In 2018 Doug's son, Pete, joined the family business and we opened our first brick and mortar roastery in our hometown of Ashland, OH in October of 2019. An opportunity for expansion came quickly and in September of 2020 we opened a second coffeehouse on campus at Oberlin College. 

                 At Goldberry Roasting Company, we have the unique opportunity to be a part of coffee's journey from the seed to the cup. Through our relationship with farmers in the Sierra Norte region of Mexico, we have had our hand in helping improve existing coffee crop and cultivate new, improved ways of processing coffee beans. Due to our close relationship with the coffee farms and farmers, we care about getting the roast profile of our coffee exactly right. We work hard to highlight the flavors that farmers around the world have spent generations creating and preserving. That's why it is so important for us to roast our coffee in small batches. By keeping our roasts small, we can ensure that we are bringing out the unique flavor profiles of each individual bean and the farm and region it came from. When someone serves or drinks our coffee, they play an important role in passing on the story and history of the people who nurtured and cared for the coffee long before it ever made it to our roastery.