Mexico Sierra Norte

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    For over 10 years, through our non-profit Coffee Growing Community, we have worked alongside coffee farmers in the Sierra Norte region of Mexico to improve their coffee processing systems, grow better quality coffee and to help the people in this region live a more abundant life. We are excited to be able to present, for the first time since this journey started, the newest coffee to our lineup, Mexico - Sierra Norte!

    Because of our amazing volunteers, generous donors, and most importantly, the hard work, knowledge and dedication of the farmers, this region now produces a coffee that meets the premium quality standard and allows the farmers in the region to be able to demand a premium price for it.

    Mexico - Sierra Norte boasts a wild sweetness like honey, notes of delicate nectar like guava and a brisk, black tea finish that is sure to delight and surprise even the most enthusiastic coffee drinkers.

    We are proud to be the first to ever import coffee from the Sierra Norte region of Mexico, into the US and are excited for our customers to be able to taste this premium coffee for the first time.
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