Fresh Squeezed Cold Brew Blend

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    *can be used in a traditional drip brewer as a regular, hot coffee but best when prepared using the method below.




    1. Grind coffee to a course grind (similar to french press)
    2. Combine 12 oz of coffee with 64 oz of FILTERED water. Grounds can be dumped directly into the water or into a filter or strainer if you have a cold brew maker.
    3. Let steep for 14-17 hours. Anything over 20 hours and the coffee will start to develop an unpleasant, bitter taste.
    4. strain the grounds out by pouring the brew through a paper coffee filter, or fine mesh filter, into another vessel.
    5. dilute the brew with 64 oz of water. (adjust the amount of water for a stronger or weaker brew, depending on your own personal taste.)


    If you follow the directions, you should end up with one gallon of delicious cold brew! (could be more or less depending on how much water you dilute with) The Brew can last a couple weeks if refrigerated.