Limited Release - China: Meng Lian, Yunnan

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    Here in the USA, its easy to think of tea from China but few have had their coffee. It's on the rare side even though they have been growing it for 100+ years! Mostly purchased by domestic and closer markets, with only a recent emphasis on specialty offerings. An origin you should not overlook on your drinking journey around the globe!

    Meng Lian, named by the small Dai tribe meaning “beautiful place I found,” is renowned for its exceptional coffee cherries. These cherries are plucked by various tribes in the region, each contributing their unique expertise and care to the process. Hailing from an area situated at 1400 to 1600 meters, Meng Lian’s coffee benefits from the high altitude, which fosters slower bean development and results in more complex flavors. The collaborative efforts of the local tribes and the region’s favorable growing conditions culminate in a coffee that is rich, flavorful, and distinctively memorable.

    Tasting Notes: Smooth and rich, a bit fuller bodied, just a spec of that sweet citrus upfront, low acidity with predominantly chocolate/malt like tastes, a little spice pokes out in the aftertaste.

    Origin | Meng Lian, Yunnan, China
    Elevation | 1400-1600 meters
    Processing | Washed