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Mexico Geisha - Sierra Norte

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    Over the last few years, the Geisha variety of coffee has become incredibly popular among coffee enthusiasts for its high cupping scores, delicate flavor profile and relative scarcity. This special Mexican Geisha coffee is the first crop of Geisha for grower Cresencio Gonzalez, and the first time coffee from this farm, and micro-region, has ever been sold in the United States. 

    Cresencio's family farm is in the community of El Muneco de Cristo Rey, in the Municipality of Tlacuilotepec. The community sits near the border between the states of Puebla and Hidalgo in the Sierra Norte region of Mexico, the same region where partner with growers through our non-profit, Coffee Growing Community.

    This micro-lot coffee is grown on a small farm only capable of growing 1 ton of Geisha per year and all of the work to cultivate and tend to the coffee plants is done by Crescencio, his wife and their 4 children. The location is so remote, there is insufficient electric power to operate machinery, which necessitates that all the processing is done by hand or using manually powered equipment. 

    When you taste Cresencio's coffee you will notice a very pleasant orange blossom floral quality and an orange marmalade sweetness. The body is very light and the cup is clean, balanced and very smooth.

    As the plants grow and mature, future harvests of Geisha from Cresencio will continue to be more and more refined and sought after. Don't miss your chance to try this new and exciting coffee!

    Varietal: Geisha

    Process: Traditional Washed

    Drying: Racks

    Elevation: 1350 meters

    Producer: Cresencio Gonzalez

    Region: Sierra Norte de Puebla