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Guatemalan Premium Huehue. Finca Las Rosas Geisha

Geisha coffee is a unique single strain that has been dominating the coffee competitions and top cups as of late. One just took the place of the worlds most expensive coffee from the recent Best of Panama competition going for over $1000/lb! Common for top grades out of Panama (not that competition winner) usually sell in the $40-$80/lb range. Although tasty, that is too expensive for us. 

Very clean, rich and bright. Geisha coffees are known for their floral, spice and soft fruit tones and that would be a perfect descriptor to this cup. A bit on the lemony floral side, the depth to the bright notes is well above what one would normally see out of the “usual” Guatemalan strains. Great jasmine spice aromatics that can only be compared to other Geisha coffee or something like a stellar Ethiopian washed processed.