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Ethiopia Wild Grown - Bale Forest

FLAVOR: Floral, Cane Sugar, Herb-like
BODY: Medium
PROCESS: Natural

The “Cinderellas” of Ethiopian coffee are now at last accessible in their full glory. Left to grow amongst the forest with minimal or little attention, the coffee varietals of the forests of Bale have always grown wild. As part of a forest conservation initiative, the potential of these forest coffees is now being fully realized thanks to a collaboration between Farm Africa, forest communities and other key partners to proactively build a truly sustainable livelihood. This is against a backdrop where 92,000 hectares of Ethiopia’s forests were reportedly lost to deforestation in 2019.

All the coffee in the forest grows naturally. There is no planting or pruning of the Wild Forest Coffees, and interventions are limited to an annual slashing of undergrowth transforming the way coffee is harvested, processed and taken to market.

For the first time it is possible for farmers to be properly rewarded for their efforts to achieve the highest quality, and to have their coffee reach the market in their own names

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